3.7 2017-07-19

It's been a while! Just some backend updates to make administration of a few things easier.

  • Problem Report: If there's an issue with hours, you no longer need to send an email - just fill out the form and an email will be sent automatically.

3.6 2017-01-05

PPS has been discontinued. So sorry for the inconvenience!

3.5 2016-12-06

Welcome, Printer Statuses!

  • Added the Printer Statuses dashboard, which lists the status of public printers (as accessible through the Web Print system).

3.4.1 2016-11-07

Added the CCCE Voting Shuttle and voter information!

  • Added the CCCE Ward 4 shuttle (for residents in Zone 1S and Northfield Option, west of Winona and south of Second).
  • Added voter information for those voting from campus.

3.4 2016-10-08

Changed a few addresses around and added a new home screen to better show the fact that the bus departure board is a thing, as well as making space for new projects. Developers interested in using data in your projects, please read the notes to developers for information about how to access updated data files, and the conditions for using them.

  • New home screen!
  • Added C Carls-Go scheduled shuttle service times, from Davis Hall to Northfield MS/HS, and Sibley and Bridgewater Elementary Schools.

3.3.4 2016-09-22

  • Added departure times for the SAO Apple Picking shuttle from Willis Station. These departure times will appear in orange (much like the Airport Express).

3.3.3 2016-09-12

  • Fixed an issue where facilities that close at midnight would always appear as closed, even if they were supposed to be open. Whoops.
  • Added OCS (Office of Off-Campus Studies).

3.3.2 2016-09-07

  • Activated departure times for L Northfield Express and A Airport Express services.

3.3.1 2016-08-09

  • Added Office of Intercultural and International Life (OIIL) to the buildings list (thanks Sebastian!)

3.3 2016-07-25

This one made itself quite apparent by giving you a tour of all the things. Don't worry, it'll only show up once per device, I promise.

  • Added favorites. Pin a building to your favorites list by choosing it in the list, then click or tap on the star. Just like future settings, your favorites is per device, so you need to set them separately on each device you use to check CBD.
  • Added a guided tour that shows you the ropes the first time you use the site. Or, if you haven't used 3.0 yet, the tour will appear and show you around.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking "" in the navigation bar didn't do anything. It now takes you back to the buildings list.

3.2.1 2016-07-23

Fixed bugs.

  • Fixed an issue where relative times were appearing with fractions of a minute (i.e. 53.1026398m). Times will now correctly display in just minutes.
  • Fixed an issue where departure times were appearing several times consecutively, rather than the list simply being updated, every three seconds when departure times are recalculated.

3.2 2016-07-23

Willis Station is now live. Please note that due to technical limitations, buses cannot be tracked in real time. Please plan ahead and arrive at the station at least five minutes before your scheduled departure. All data is from Northfield Lines and Hiawathaland Transit.

  • Added Willis Station bus departures.
  • Added service schedules for B Blue Line and M Metro Express. These are the only routes in service at the moment, so the Willis Station page is accurate for the summer.
  • The list of all remaining departures for the day will appear.
  • Buses which will arrive within 5 minutes will display as "Due". This may be user configurable in the future.
  • Buses which will arrive within 1 hour, but aren't "due", will display with a relative time (i.e. 45m). This may be user configurable in the future.
  • Buses which will arrive more than an hour out will display their scheduled departure time.
  • Times reset at midnight each day.

3.1 2016-07-17

  • Added new facilities: Sayles Café Tacqueria, Sayles Café Meal Equivalency, Sayles Café Late Night
  • Added notes for Sayles Café, Sayles Café Meal Equivalency, and Math Skills Center.
  • If a facility has notes, they will appear in the details modal.
  • Shortened link displays if they're super long (particularly relevant for Sayles Café Meal Equivalency).

3.0 2016-07-15

Completely revamped the site!

  • A new look and feel
  • Better presentation on desktop devices
  • A small handful of new facilities, with more being added over the next few weeks.
  • "Closing soon" appears 30 minutes before a facility closes, rather than 60. (You’ll be able to change this soon.)
  • Click or tap on a facility to bring up its contact information, website, location, and full hours.
  • If a facility is closed the site will show when it opens next, even if it’s a few days out (previously it would only do this if it next opened the following day).
  • Some facilities and categories have been rearranged, but most facilities should be right where they were previously. Notably, Dining will now appear at the top of the page on phones.