Notes to developers

Hello, fellow developers!

This page has some useful information about how the site works in case you'd like to improve on it, or use the data for your own projects.

How the site works

The whole site is written in JavaScript with a lot of jQuery magic. You can check out the JS source by using your browser's web inspection tools. JavaScript logic and the HTML layout of the site are all available for you to use under the MIT license — the same license that its dependencies (Bootstrap, jQuery, BootstrapTour, and JSCookie) use.

The printer data retrieval script is a closed source PHP file.

Access to data

Most data are stored in flat JSON files, which I update anytime I'm informed of a change in data. Therefore, the data available may not be perfectly accurate, but it should be close.

You are hereby granted permission to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, and distribute these data files in any way you see fit, provided that:

(1) you acknowledge that these data are unofficial and could be inaccurate,

(2) all uses are attributed back to me (Tate Bosler), AND

(3) you do not use the data in a commercial setting. For the purposes of this default license, if advertisements appear alongside this data set, it counts as a commercial use. If you want to include these data in any form of commercial application, please get in touch.

Data files are occasionally updated, please check the site changelog to see when the last data update has been published.

If you agree to the conditions stated above, you can download the data from the following links: